Venous Misperception: Venous Disorders Are of Little Clinical Significance

Do you think venous disorders don’t really matter at all? If so, you’re not alone in thinking that as many people think that varicose and spider veins are more of a cosmetic issue. But the truth is, chronic venous disease and chronic venous insufficiency, which is the failure of the veins to adequately circulate the blood, is clinically significant and therefore should be taken seriously. At Central Florida Vein and Vascular Center, a vascular clinic in Orlando, Central Florida Vein & Vascular Center, led by Dr. John D. Horowitz, every day is spent diagnosing and treating venous disorders.

Suffering from Varicose Veins?

Varicose veins, for example, are a condition that often is downplayed or ignored, when in fact, those are the worst things to do in regard to venous disease. When veins do not work properly and do not return the blood to the heart as efficiently as they should, the blood can pool. This pooling causes varicose veins and cause symptoms such as leg heaviness and fatigue. Over time, untreated varicose veins can worsen and lead to more serious symptoms such as leg pain, swelling, bleeding, and ulcers.

It is troublesome that so many people view varicose veins as merely an aesthetic problem and don’t take seriously the long-ranging ramifications that can result from untreated varicose veins. Proper treatment, however, can not only provide aesthetic improvement, but also improve a patient’s quality of life.

The good news is that even when more than a simple compression stocking is needed, there are multiple surgical procedures that are quick, relatively painless, and from which patients typically recover in just a day or two.

Who’s at Risk?

The truth is, any adult, male or female, can get varicose veins at any age. The condition is most commonly found in women of childbearing years and the elderly, and risk factors, besides age, include a family history, a sedentary lifestyle, changes in hormone levels, and weight gain. A staggering 55% of women may be affected during their lifetime.

But even people who are younger and more active can end up with varicose veins. Weightlifters, cyclists, and other athletes who put a lot of pressure on their legs, either by heavy loads or repetitive actions, increase their risk. So, don’t think that by being in shape or extremely active means that you are automatically not at risk. You may actually be at a greater risk of developing varicose veins.

The people who stand or walk for many hours a day, such as nurses, flight attendants, mail carriers, and teachers, may also find themselves at a greater risk to develop venous issues in the legs.

One study estimated that because of under-reporting, the percentage of the U.S. population with some form of venous disorder is 25%, which is about 80 million Americans. Even celebrities are not immune, with singer Britney Spears, actress Kristin Davis, and former Olympic swimmer Summer Sanders, reportedly among the millions who have sought treatment for varicose veins.

Quality of Life Issues

If you find yourself making changes to your lifestyle, or perhaps even to your wardrobe, due to varicose veins or other venous disorders, that in itself is a red flag to let you know that now is the time to take action and seek proper medical care.

In fact, several studies in respected medical journals have indicated that a substantial number of people who suffer from untreated venous insufficiency have lower-extremity complaints that frequently affect their daily activities. When people avoid the activities that they once regularly enjoyed, it’s only common sense to deduce that their quality of life has been diminished by what they once thought of as insignificant.

Logically, then, venous disorders have great clinical significance, because they can be a reason patients don’t enjoy the greatest quality of life.

There is hope, though, for people suffering from venous insufficiency. In some cases, non-surgical methods, such as the aforementioned compression stockings and herbal remedies, can alleviate the condition. Sometimes, however, surgical procedures are required for treatment. Sometimes, it’s a combination of both surgical and non-surgical options for some to help combat venous disease.

Today’s varicose-vein procedures available from Central Florida Vein & Vascular Center are a far cry from the old technique of making incisions with a knife and cutting out the affected veins (surgical stripping). New techniques include minimally invasive procedures, such as Endovenous Laser Treatment, in which a tube carries heat into the bad vein, causing it to seal itself shut. Another useful technique is Ultrasound-Guided Foam Sclerotherapy, where a small needle filled with a chemical is injected into the diseased vein, which collapses and then is absorbed into the body. Our success rates are high, with 90% of veins remaining repaired after two years.

One of the First Vascular Clinics in Orlando

As one of the first doctors in the Central Florida area to utilize minimally invasive techniques, Dr. Horowitz and the team at Central Florida Vein & Vascular Center have been providing care there since 2001, and would like to help you improve your quality of life. Dr. Horowitz describes his practice as “a place where patients can come for care, but not feel like they’ve been in a medical office,” adding that they offer top expertise, but in a personal way.

Just as important, Dr. Horowitz fully understands venous physiology and is a board-certified vascular surgeon, meaning that he is uniquely skilled and can properly assess your varicose veins and offer the appropriate treatment modalities for your particular situation.

Don’t Write It Off!

So, don’t write off your varicose veins as something you just have to live with. Why let your quality of life decrease while you suffer in silence? You don’t have to suffer, and you definitely don’t have to live with varicose veins any longer.

The road to venous health all just starts with a consultation. Call vascular clinic in Orlando, Central Florida Vein & Vascular Center at 407-545-3385, or click here to set up an appointment. Please keep in mind that your insurance may cover treatment, which we can help you with. Now is the time to take control of your venous health!

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