What Varicose Veins Tell You About Overall Health

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Maybe you’ve noticed that your veins seem a little bit more visible lately. Or, maybe they’ve been visible for months—you’ve just learned how to cover them up and hide them from others. It’s a common misconception that varicose veins, or spider veins can be simply covered up and ignored. While they can sometimes be a simple cosmetic issue that makes some individuals self-aware, they often signify a much deeper health problem. Is the problem big enough to see a vascular surgeon? Generally, yes. The Central Florida Vein & Vascular Center is here to share what causes varicose veins, and the reason why they are often more than an ignorable cosmetic issue.

Chronic Venous Insufficiency

Have you wondered what causes veins to appear under the skin? Varicose veins can be a surface symptom of a larger issue called chronic venous insufficiency (CVI). Normally, valves in your veins are strong enough to circulate blood through your body—even in your legs, where the veins work harder to move blood against the flow of gravity. If these valves begin to break down, then blood begins to pool in the vein. This causes the veins to swell and be seen under the skin.

While some individuals may not feel pain from CVI, many will experience heavy, itchy, or painful legs. As we all know, poor circulation can lead to other health issues as well. CVI can weaken your immune system, as well as increase your risk of worse conditions, including heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. While exercise can help with symptoms, painful legs can cause some to feel averse to staying on their feet longer than they need to. Chronic inactivity adds more problems by being a serious risk factor for ill health.

Mental Health Effects

Those with varicose veins may not think about its effects on mental health—except for the self-consciousness that some may experience. The truth of the matter is, the effects of poor circulation aren’t always entirely physical, they can be mental as well. Impaired circulation can prevent the brain from getting the amount of oxygen and nutrients needed to function. This can lead to an increased risk of developing depression or anxiety.

Treating Chronic Venous Insufficiency

CVI shouldn’t be ignored and it also shouldn’t be scary. It’s important to weigh your options during your venous consultation and it’s also important to understand the treatment plans for various venous issues. Vein stripping has been mostly replaced by minimally invasive, less stressful procedures such as Endovenous Laser Treatment (EVLT). Patients who undergo minimally invasive treatments are often back to work the following day. As an added bonus, most insurance plans will cover treatment for varicose veins.

If you no longer want to treat your varicose veins as merely a cosmetic issue, come visit the vascular physicians in Orlando at Central Florida Vein & Vascular Center. Our knowledgeable specialists have dedicated themselves to vein care so that you can get the best treatment possible. You can call us at 407-545-3385 or 352-658-5547 today to schedule a consultation. Our specialists will assess the current state of your vein health and create a treatment plan fitting for you.

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