Improving Poor Circulation to Your Feet

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Proper circulation is essential to body movement and overall health. It’s vital to know the possible causes of and how to improve poor blood circulation to stay healthy. Knowing how to check circulation in your feet and understanding the signs can help you take preventive action.

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What Causes Poor Circulation in Your Feet

When you have poor circulation, you may experience tingles, numbness, pain or muscle cramps in your legs and feet. You may also notice your feet or toes are discolored.

Often, poor circulation results from an underlying condition that hasn’t been addressed or properly handled. Some of the most common causes of poor circulation in the feet are:

  • Diabetes: While diabetes affects blood sugar, it can also contribute to poor circulation in your feet and other body areas. Diabetic neuropathy can reduce sensation in your extremities, making it hard to detect early signs of poor circulation, especially cramping.
  • Peripheral artery disease (PAD): When you have PAD, your blood vessels and arteries narrow, decreasing blood flow to your limbs and potentially causing pain. With a lack of blood flow comes an increase in poor circulation.
  • Obesity: A lot of pressure is exerted on your body and feet when you’re overweight, leading to poor circulation. Being overweight also puts you at risk for other causes of poor circulation, including varicose veins and other blood vessel issues.
  • Blood clots: When blood clots form in your feet, the blood flow can partially or entirely cut off and lead to poor circulation.

How to Improve Circulation in Your Feet and Toes

There are ways to improve blood circulation in your feet and legs. You can increase circulation in your feet by doing the following:

  • Walks: Being active and walking is a simple and efficient way to prevent poor circulation. You keep your legs, ankles and feet moving, which can lower your chance of blood clots. Walks can be a great way to boost circulation in your feet.
  • Calf stretches: If you sit a lot during the day, you can try stretching your calves to improve your blood circulation in your legs while sitting. All you need to do is stretch your legs in front of you, then lift your toes toward you while bending your ankle. Repeating the motion will provide a good stretch for your calves while keeping the blood in your legs moving.
  • Heel lifts: Enhancing mobility in your ankles can help improve your poor blood circulation in your feet. To practice heel lifts, rise on your toes, come down to a flat position and repeat the motion. Your feet work to keep blood throwing through the toes.

Receive Treatment at Central Florida Vein and Vascular Center

If you experience vein or vascular issues relating to poor circulation in your feet, talking to a medical professional as soon as possible can help you find a solution for fixing poor circulation in your feet. At Central Florida Vein and Vascular Center, you can work with one of our physicians to receive the best treatment for your situation. Contact us to schedule a consultation or ask questions, and we will be here for you!

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