Vein Treatment Options for Your Varicose Veins

Every person is a unique individual, not only just personality-wise, but health-wise as well. While varicose veins are an incredibly common condition, the treatment plan that was miraculous for your neighbor may not be what is best for you. In order to figure out what vein treatment options will give you the best results, you should visit the best vascular surgeons in Orlando at Central Florida Vein & Vascular Center. Our faculty specializes in vein care so that you can rest easy knowing that you will get a treatment plan that offers the best results.

You may wonder: What treatment plans are available? What can I expect a specialist to offer me in terms of treatment? What can I expect for each form of treatment? Central Florida Vein & Vascular Center offers minimally invasive treatments that get you back on your feet and feeling great right away. The old, painful methods of vein stripping have mostly faded away to be replaced with new methods that aren’t anywhere near as stressful on the body. When you walk into our office, here are some treatment options that you may experience.

Diagnostic Vascular Ultrasound

In order to fix a problem, it’s important that you first learn exactly what the problem is. A diagnostic ultrasound is an excellent first step toward figuring out the extent of venous disease and what steps should be taken for treatment. A diagnostic vascular ultrasound is a venous reflux test that checks how well the valves in leg veins are functioning. It is given to patients who are concerned that their symptoms may be linked to venous disease. These symptoms can range from cosmetic issues to larger physical symptoms, such as feelings of itching and heaviness in the legs.

Endovenous Laser Treatment (EVLT)

Endovenous laser treatment, also referred to as EVLT, is quickly becoming the gold standard in the industry—for good reason. This minimally invasive procedure has become an excellent alternative to the surgical stripping of varicose veins. This procedure uses ultrasound visualization to track down the troublesome vein. A small catheter is inserted into the vein and thermal energy is applied. This collapses and seals the vein, and the blood that used to be flowing the vein is automatically routed to healthy veins.

Ultrasound Guided Foam Sclerotherapy

Ultrasound guided foam sclerotherapy is another minimally invasive procedure which corrects medium to large veins after a saphenous closure. This procedure uses an ultrasound to locate the vein. A needle is inserted into the vein and a foam solution is applied. This solution collapses the vein, which is then absorbed by the body. Normally, veins only need two to three treatments, and patients do not experience any scarring.

As you can see, the procedures currently offered do not put much stress on the patient. They are quick and easy, so there’s no need to worry about the physical strain, or even taking too much time out of your busy day to get the treatment you need. Patients are back on their feet the same day and often go back to work the following day. If you’re struggling with varicose veins, please schedule a consultation with the best vascular surgeons in Orlando at Central Florida Vein & Vascular Center by calling 407-545-3385 or 352-658-5547. If you want more information on varicose vein treatment options, please browse our blog.

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