3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Vein Care

Have you experienced issues with your veins and thought, “I’ll handle this later?” We’d recommend seeking out treatment sooner rather than later. When you first notice a venous issue, you may be inclined to ignore it because you don’t think it’s a serious issue. Or there may be other concerns, such as the cost of treatment and recovery time. The vascular surgeons in Orlando at Central Florida Vein & Vascular Center suggest that it’s better for your long-term health to seek out treatment when you notice the first signs of an issue. There are several reasons to not ignore vascular care issues when you first notice them.

Care is Typically Covered by Insurance

Are you concerned about the cost of treatment? If you have insurance, you more than likely won’t need to worry. Most insurance carriers will cover the cost of varicose vein care—making it easier for you to get the care you need before it becomes a larger issue that needs more complex treatment. Spider veins, on the other hand, may not be covered as it is normally considered to be a cosmetic issue. If cost is a concern, talk to your insurance provider to see whether they will shoulder the cost of varicose or spider vein treatment.

Ignored Venous Disease Can Lead to Bigger Issues

Varicose veins are formed when vein valves weaken and blood pools in the vein. Over time, this blood pooling can lead to larger health issues. Venous insufficiency can become chronic to the point where various other problems can begin to form from not being treated. Not seeking treatment can cause blood clots and venous ulcers to form from blood pooling. In some cases, blood clots can travel to the lungs, causing deep vein thrombosis. Treatment for these conditions can be more stressful than undergoing a simple, noninvasive procedure for varicose veins. As you can see, it’s worth treating varicose veins early while they’re only a minor irritant.

Excellent Specialists Can Deliver Quality Treatment

A common concern about most medical treatments is whether the physician is reputable, knowledgeable, and caring. At Central Florida Vein & Vascular Center, we have highly trained, compassionate professionals who can determine your best treatment. Our physicians specialize in venous health so you can rest easy knowing that your veins are being handled by doctors who truly understand them. If you have a serious venous issue or a deficiency that could potentially lead to a larger issue over time, it’s better to find out sooner while in the hands of compassionate practitioners.

Take care of yourself this summer—especially during these high temperatures that can further irritate varicose veins. Don’t ignore your venous health and schedule a consultation with the vascular surgeons in Orlando at Central Florida Vein & Vascular Center. Our specialists will be happy to diagnose the current state of your venous health, discuss any concerns you may have, and create a treatment plan that will work best for you. You can contact us today at 407-545-3385 or 352-658-5547 to take the first step toward healthy veins.

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