Is There a Connection Between Menstrual Cycles and Varicose Veins?


Have you ever wondered why varicose veins hurt more during your period? Many women experience this phenomenon, and they are right to attribute the swelling in their varicose veins to menstruation.

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Why Do Your Varicose Veins Hurt During Your Period?

Many women who have varicose veins and experience symptoms often report fatigue, swelling and increased discomfort in their legs prior to menstruation. The culprit? The hormone progesterone. Progesterone allows more blood to pool within vein walls, causing them to relax. This hormone rises approximately one week before menstruation, and the increased pressure caused by the excessive pooling of blood exacerbates symptoms.

Saphenous veins are particularly susceptible to varicosity due to extra progesterone. Excess blood flow puts pressure or strain on these leg veins, which are responsible for circulating the blood upward and back to the heart. This can cause varicose veins to form or worsen, and symptoms typically disappear once women complete their menstrual cycle. 

How To Treat Your Varicose Vein Pain During Periods

If your varicose veins symptoms intensify during your menstrual cycle, try engaging in exercises to work the calf muscles. These activities will also prevent blood from pooling in the veins by helping the valves pump blood in the legs. Other potential treatments include elevating your leg, taking ibuprofen, using ice packs or wearing compression stockings to assist blood flow from the legs to the heart. 

Eating flavonoid-rich foods can also reduce the chances of blood pooling in the veins by improving blood circulation. Foods containing flavonoids, including garlic, cocoa, fruits and vegetables, can help relax the blood vessels. Look for produce like blueberries, apples, cherries, grapes, broccoli, spinach, bell peppers and onions, as well, to treat varicose vein pain. 

Preventive measures such as avoiding wearing girdles, high-heeled shoes and knee-high nylons or socks can help you ward off the uncomfortable symptoms of varicose veins, too. 

One of the best ways to ensure you don’t experience varicose vein pain during your period is to explore noninvasive surgical therapies. The Central Florida Vein and Vascular Center specialists can walk you through your treatment options, including same-day therapy such as sclerotherapy.

Our team of professionals can also work with you to formulate a plan that combines lifestyle changes with treatment options to reduce the appearance of varicose veins and relieve pain. 

Learn More About Varicose Vein Treatment Options

Let the Orlando vein specialists at Central Florida Vein and Vascular Center help if you find yourself wondering why your varicose veins hurt during your menstrual cycle. Our staff will be more than happy to discuss different options with you, from outpatient procedures to wearing compression stockings that will have you feeling like yourself again in no time. Our patients feel the difference throughout therapy, from the first phone call to the follow-up office visits.

While results are not guaranteed, medical treatment will ensure an improvement in leg vein health for those identified as having a medical condition.

Reach out online to learn more about our varicose veins treatment options or to book an appointment today. 

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