Spider Veins: What’s Lurking Below the Surface?

A lot of information about venous health is focused on varicose veins—the aching symptoms of this venous insufficiency demands attention. However, you may wonder about the other common form of venous insufficiency that is also often visible under the skin: spider veins. Spider veins are common in many people’s skin. They may not be as much of a lumpy nuisance as varicose veins, but they can still be more than enough to make some individuals self-conscious about their appearance. You may wonder if spider veins are simply a cosmetic issue, or if they’re a signal that a larger problem is lurking in your veins. Don’t worry—the vascular surgeons in Orlando at Central Florida Vein & Vascular Center are here to help clarify what spider veins are and the treatment options available to help combat them.

What are spider veins?

Spider veins are relatively common. Spider veins, similarly to varicose veins, are known for their visibility under the skin. However, while varicose veins are characterized by their bulging appearance, spider veins remain smooth. They are small purple to red blood vessels that often appear on the legs, ankles, or feet. In some cases, they can even appear on the face. Spider veins resemble a burst of tree branches or spider webs across the skin. These clusters of colored veins lie just below the surface of the skin and lack the bumpy texture associated with varicose veins.

Unlike varicose veins, the causes of spider veins are largely unknown. However, there are several factors that could potentially be a contributing factor in developing spider veins. They can be caused by the backup of blood in the vein, hormone changes, and exposure to the sun. Inherited factors may also determine the probability of developing spider veins. If a family member has had them, then you may also develop them at some point. Don’t worry—in most cases, spider veins are harmless. They are largely considered to be a cosmetic issue, and most people won’t face any major health concerns linked to spider veins.

While most cases of spider veins are cosmetic and pain-free, the appearance of other physical symptoms could be a sign of a larger problem. If you’re experiencing such symptoms as pain, burning, or itching, then we strongly encourage you to stop by Central Florida Vein & Vascular Center to see one of our specialists. Pain is the body’s way of telling you that something is wrong, and we’re just as concerned about your venous health as you are. We want to see you pain-free, without any worry about the complications of unchecked venous insufficiency.

Central Florida Vein & Vascular Center is exclusively focused on vascular issues of the leg, ensuring a proper diagnosis and treatment. Oftentimes, treatment is covered by insurance. While varicose veins are covered by most insurance plans, spider veins are not always covered due to being considered a cosmetic issue rather than a serious health concern. Make sure to check with your insurance company to see whether or not spider vein treatment is covered under your plan.

How are spider veins treated?

Your spider veins may not be a health concern, but there’s still no need to settle for their existence under your skin! There are treatment options available that can reduce their appearance and help you feel confident about your skin again. Central Florida Vein & Vascular Center offers a couple treatment options for taking care of a patient’s spider veins. Our skilled specialists perform these minimally invasive procedures in office, so you can expect the best treatment with the least stress.

One of the most common ways that spider veins are treated is with sclerotherapy. This procedure involves injecting a sclerosing agent into the affected veins. The agent irritates the vessels, causing them to eventually fade. While this procedure lessens the appearance of the spider vein without any scarring, it does not usually remove the vein. Depending on the type of sclerosing agent used, patients can expect some minimal discomfort from the procedure that is limited to short-lasting stinging.

Veinlite guided sclerotherapy is another potential treatment available for spider veins. A veinlite is used to guide the physician to the source of a patient’s spider veins. This light illuminates veins that may not be visible to the human eye, allowing the doctor to accurately pinpoint superficial feeder vessels that can originate 4-8 inches away from the spider veins. Closing these feeder vessels is a critical part of making sure that those spider veins don’t reappear in the future. While veinlite is a fantastic asset for locating surface veins, this procedure is not performed for deeper sources of venous reflux.

Most spider veins will not lead to larger health issues. However, if there are simple procedures available to lessen their appearance, then why not take advantage of those resources? Spider veins, similarly to varicose veins, can make people feel self-conscious about the appearance of their legs. There’s no need to let those shorts collect dust in the back of your closet. You can walk confidently out of our office knowing that you’ve left those spider veins behind.

However, for those who are experiencing painful symptoms alongside their spider veins, we encourage you to set up a consultation with one of our specialists. Venous health isn’t something to be taken lightly, and symptoms such as itching or burning could signify that your spider veins are something more serious than a cosmetic issue. Don’t let painful venous insufficiency go unchecked! We’re here to make sure that you get proper, quality treatment for venous insufficiency.

Don’t be spooked by any issues that lurk below spider veins this Halloween. The vascular surgeons in Orlando at Central Florida Vein & Vascular Center are dedicated to making sure your legs look and feel great once again. Don’t be stuck with venous insufficiency. Take the first step toward waving goodbye to visible or painful spider veins, and call us today at 407-545-3385 or 352-658-5547 to set up a consultation. Also, please browse our blog for more information about spider veins and treatment options.

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