Learn About the Advantage of In-Office Venous Treatments

The pain and visibility of varicose veins can be a nuisance to deal with. When you’re in poor venous health, the natural solution is to seek out medical help. That medical help could require a surgical procedure, which may make you think of a frustrating, stressful setting. Don’t worry—venous treatments have become easier and minimally invasive, and in-office venous treatment are now available by a vein specialist. Central Florida Vein & Vascular Center is home to the best vascular surgeons in Orlando, and they are specially trained in venous health so that you can get all the benefits of seeing a specialist right in our office.

Vascular surgery handles two areas of blood vessel disorders: arterial problems, such as blockages and aneurysms, and venous problems such as varicose veins. Venous surgery didn’t become actively practiced in-office until quite recently. Varicose veins were normally treated by stripping the vein. A wire was threaded into the vein and then tied to it so that the vein could be removed. Anesthesia was used, and the procedure could be painful and involved.

Vein stripping hasn’t gone away completely. It is still performed in some cases, although newer, minimally invasive procedures have become more commonly practiced. These catheter-based treatments, such as Endovenous Laser Treatment (EVLT), can be performed in an office by a specialist, and the procedure allows the patient to return to their day-to-day activities much faster than they previously could through vein stripping. Instead of removing a vein, EVLT collapses the vein, and the blood is then automatically rerouted to healthy veins. Hospitals can still be necessary in some severe cases, but most treatments can be done in-office.

Advantages of In-Office Venous Treatments

At the end of the day, the treatment that is going to be best for you can be best determined by a specialist. The severity of venous insufficiency isn’t always visible, and it’s never a good idea to let a potential problem go unchecked or untreated. In the worst case scenario, varicose veins can lead to deep vein thrombosis (DVT), a type of blood clot that can travel to the lung and cause a pulmonary aneurysm. Luckily, the most common and effective treatments can be performed in-office by a specialist, and patients who have been through in-office procedures have reacted positively to the experience. If you’re on the fence about seeking out a specialist for treatment, consider some of these advantages of in-office procedures. The benefits may be greater than you expect.

Less Stress

The idea of a fully-involved surgery situation can cause feelings of dread for many. The environment isn’t cause for celebration. You’re alongside numerous other people who may be sick and can spread their germs to you. In comparison, an in-office setting can be considerably more calm. A specialist’s office is usually small and relaxed. You can rest easy in a calmer environment and focus on your treatment with less stress and anxiety.


There are still rules to follow when a medical professional is operating outside of a hospital setting. They are still required to keep up with standards of safety and take the necessary precautions when giving treatment. Of course, you should always make sure that your specialist has had proper training and has the necessary qualifications. An accredited doctor will know how to best handle your treatment so that it’s as safe as it can be. You should see a high quality of treatment in-office.

Covered by Insurance

Medical treatment can be expensive. If you’re worried about how you’re going to be able to pay for varicose vein treatment, don’t be. Varicose vein treatment is covered by most insurance companies, and you’re not going to wave goodbye to the contents of your bank account if you choose to see a specialist. Insurance covers in-office procedures similarly to how they handle outpatient procedures. They usually have similar copays as well—and copays for outpatient and in-office procedures are generally less than you’ll pay in other environments. Rest easy, varicose vein treatment at a specialist’s office can be affordable.

Quick and Easy

The common, minimally invasive procedures performed in-office by a specialist don’t take as much time out of your day as venous stripping used to. Now, the average procedure takes just minutes to complete, and you don’t have to spend the rest of your day being monitored before your release. After about two hours total, you’ll be at home relaxing and recovering. There’s no anesthesia, although you’ll still be given some medication to relax you and relieve any pain you may feel from the procedure. Most patients can even go back to work the next day, so there’s no need to feel like you’ll be dealing with a major time crunch if you stop by to see a specialist for your varicose vein treatment.

As you can see, there’s no need to feel unnecessary amounts of stress over visiting a specialist for your varicose vein treatment. The procedures performed in-office nowadays are simple and allow you to get back on your feet without the stress. Also, since you’re seeing someone who has dedicated themselves to treating venous insufficiency, you know you’ll be in great hands. The best vascular surgeons in Orlando at Central Florida Vein & Vascular Center make your venous health their top priority. Stop by for a visit if you’re growing tired of the heavy, aching legs often associated with varicose veins, and we’ll put together a treatment plan that will work best for you. Call us today at 407-545-3385 or 352-658-5547 to schedule a consultation.


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