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You can find our Kissimmee office across from John Young Parkway and The Loop. The office is part of the outpatient medical boom north of Osceola Parkway. As an area that has seen amazing growth in medical offices over the past few years, Osceola Parkway is becoming one of the fastest-growing areas for patient care.

There’s also plenty of ways to spend your time in the areas outside of Kissimmee. You can take a short trip out to Celebration’s Market Street and enjoy a nice meal with a lakeside view in one of the indoor-outdoor restaurants. There’s a wide variety of walking trails and parks available, where you can enjoy a beautiful view while strengthening your veins during a relaxing walk. If you’re a fan of golf, there’s also Celebration Golf Club that’s open to the public.

One of the many lakes in the area, Lake Nona, is also worth a visit. Spend some time with the family out in Moss Park, Orange County’s largest park—especially if you’re an animal lover. Many of the animals in the park are family-friendly and comfortable around people.

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