How to Find the Right Vein Specialist for You

Are you experiencing bulging, painful or itchy veins that are dark and visible under the skin? These may be varicose veins—a form of venous insufficiency that develops when vein valves are weakened and unable to circulate blood through the leg. If you’ve been searching for a doctor that’s right for you, you’re in luck. Here are four things to keep in mind when looking for a specialist.

1. Check the Doctor’s Area of Specialty

Do the physicians specialize in vein care, or do they simply dabble in it? For the best care possible, you need a physician who has put in the time to truly understand vein health and how to treat venous insufficiency. Central Florida Vein & Vascular Center is home to the highly skilled vascular surgeon, Dr. Horowitz, who has dedicated his life to becoming one of the pioneers in minimally invasive vein therapy. Our dedicated center has offered expertise in vein care for more than a decade.

2. Look for Board Certification

Make sure your physician is board certified. As with all forms of healthcare, it’s critical to know whether a physician has credentials that prove they’re a safe source of care. If a physician can’t—or won’t—show their certifications, it’s time to find a new, trustworthy specialist.

3. Ask About State-Of-The-Art Technology

Ask your specialist whether they’re up to date with the newest technology in vein care. Vein stripping is no longer the standard procedure for venous treatment. If that’s all your physician is offering, look elsewhere. Minimally invasive treatments, like endovenous laser treatment, is becoming the gold standard in vein care and allows you to get back on your feet quickly with minimal downtime.

4. Ask for Recommendations and Referrals

Finally, check whether others would recommend the physician. Reviews and testimonials can help you see the experiences others have had with that specialist. If no one would recommend that specialist to a friend, then keep searching for one worth positive reviews. At Central Florida Vein & Vascular Center, our specialists Dr. Horowitz and Dr. Agis were voted two of the best vascular surgeons in Orlando by readers of the Orlando Family Magazine. Patients have seen positive results from skilled specialists who care about their patients.

5. Understand the Patient Experience

Our team’s expertise and dedication to quality care create an experience that is unparalleled elsewhere. We make sure our patients are getting the best care possible, from the first phone call to our practice, throughout every following step of their treatment: the initial consultation, the venous reflux testing, the follow-up office visits, and the vein therapy.

Dr. Horowitz, a highly-skilled vascular surgeon in Orlando, has dedicated his life and the focus of his practice to be an expert in minimally invasive vein therapy. From the very first phone call to our practice and throughout their vein therapy, our patients experience the difference that a team of the best vascular surgeons in Orlando can provide. If you want to learn more, contact us or read our blog for more information!

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