Compression Therapy and Leg Ulcers

Leg ulcers are chronic sores on your leg that can take weeks to months to heal due to poor circulation. A chronic leg ulcer is typically the result of underlying medical conditions, a history of leg ulcers, injury or surgery on the affected area. At Central Florida Vein and Vascular, we are proud to offer […]

What Is Atrophie Blanche?

Atrophie blanche is a specific angular scar pattern that forms on the lower leg or foot after an injury heals. The appearance of atrophie blanche is typically a sign of more severe venous issues. At Central Florida Vein and Vascular Center, we are proud to offer expert care for patients throughout the central Florida area. […]

Explaining Lipodermatosclerosis

Lipodermatosclerosis is an uncommon condition in patients experiencing chronic long-term venous disease. At Central Florida Vein and Vascular Center, we offer conservative management options and minimally invasive procedures to help improve blood flow in your legs to reduce symptoms. What Is Lipodermatosclerosis? Lipodermatosclerosis occurs when blood begins to pool in the veins in the lower […]

What Is Ankle Flare?

An ankle flare is a small spiderlike pattern of veins inside and outside the ankle and foot. This common condition is generally a sign of a larger health issue and should receive treatment as soon as possible. At Central Florida Vein and Vascular Center, we offer effective treatment plans to reduce the symptoms of ankle […]

Cancer and Links to DVT

Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) is a medical condition that occurs when hardened blood clots form in a person’s legs. Because the human system is interconnected, DVT and cancer are commonly related conditions. They function as a two-way relationship in which either condition can be a risk factor for the other. Though not all cancers are […]

Classifications of Deep Vein Thrombosis

Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) results from a blood clot in your calves, thighs or pelvis. This stationary blood clot, otherwise known as a thrombus, may form due to a sedentary lifestyle or poor circulation. When blood cells in your deep veins don’t get the movement they need, they can pool and create acute or chronic DVT. […]

What Causes Leg Ulcers?

A leg ulcer is a break in the skin on the leg that eliminates the protective barrier provided by the skin, allowing air and bacteria to enter the wound and underlying tissues. Leg ulcers are present for more than 2 weeks and are more than minor trauma. Leg ulcers have many causes but venous insufficiency […]

Leg Ulcers Guide

We all bump into things or get cuts and scrapes on our legs from time to time. After about two weeks after your injury, the affected area should be showing signs of healing. However, if the wound appears to be growing or weeping, it may signify a venous leg ulcer. What Do Leg Ulcers Look […]

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