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Our team of experienced vascular physicians in Orlando at Central Florida Vein & Vascular Center are dedicated to providing the highest possible level of vein care. Each patient has their own individual needs, and we cater our treatment plans to what will be best for each individual’s vein health. Vein care doesn’t end in the office — we’ve opened an online shop so that you can easily find the right tools for your vein care!

Finding the Right Legwear For You
It’s crucial that you have the correct level of compression, and it’s just as important that you see a doctor before purchasing any socks or compression stockings. Our team can help guarantee you get the proper fit! There’s more to compression stockings than just size. For example, if a diabetic patient has severe arterial insufficiency, a compression sock may not be the right choice. During a consultation, you and your doctor can talk about your concerns, assess your vein health, and determine what kind of compression stockings are best. After sitting down with a professional, you can make a safe, educated decision about what’s right for you.

How Do They Work?
A specialized weave of strong elastic places gradual pressure on your muscles, which decreases as it goes up the leg. Contracting calf muscles work to overcome gravity by propelling blood in the leg veins back to the heart. Because of this lessened pressure in your veins, your legs feel lighter and pain is lessened!

Benefits of Compression Socks and Stockings
Venous insufficiency is caused when vein valves are damaged and no longer capable of pushing blood upward through the vein. While compression stockings can’t cure the vein valve, properly fitted ones can ease discomfort often associated with venous problems! They prevent venous blood pooling in the legs and feet, reduce the likelihood of blood clots, and improve lymphatic drainage in the muscles.

Athletic Compression Socks
Exercise is a great way to boost circulation and strengthen your leg muscles, but it can still put a lot of pressure on your legs. If you’re active, consider our athletic compression socks. By wearing these during exercise, your body experiences enhanced oxygen delivery, which keeps blood flowing to your muscles; decreased lactic acid, therefore decreased muscle soreness; and minimized cramping. They also help control swelling in your feet, ankles, and legs.

Our online store offers a variety of accessories to help you care for your veins and your compression stockings, including leg gel, washing bags, and application aids. These accessories help with everything from keeping your socks in place to nourishing your skin to easy application of compression stockings.

Choose What’s Best For You
Of course, it’s possible that compression stockings may not be the best choice for you, and you may need to undergo a procedure to treat your veins. Don’t worry — vein care procedures are minimally invasive with little downtime, so you can get back up on your feet quickly without painful veins impacting your productivity!

Scheduling a Consultation
If you’re looking for a pair of compression stockings, come visit our team of vascular physicians in Orlando at Central Florida Vein & Vascular Center. After talking with a professional and determining the best legwear for you, our online store is a quick, convenient way to jumpstart your vein care. Schedule a consultation today by contacting us online or at (407) 293-5944.

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