Venous Insufficiency and Medical Insurance

Venous Insufficiency and Medical Insurance Many people who suffer from venous insufficiency, failure of the veins to adequately circulate the blood, especially in the lower extremities, are discouraged from seeking treatment because they have been told in the past that vein treatment is very costly and not something that medical insurance companies cover. There are […]

Venous Misperception: No Special Training Is Required to Treat Chronic Venous Disease

Venous Misperception: No Special Training Is Required to Treat Chronic Venous Disease We’ve all seen the horror stories of people seeking medical treatment from unqualified practitioners, so there’s no need to detail all the bad that can happen when conditions are wrongly diagnosed and inappropriate treatments are implemented. So, then, why do some people think […]

Why Varicose Veins Are a Medical Condition

Why Varicose Veins Are a Medical Condition Some people erroneously assume that varicose and superficial veins are not related to a medical condition, but rather a physical and cosmetic condition that happens over time, like beauty marks or gray hair. But, they couldn’t be more wrong, according to Orlando varicose vein doctor, Dr. Horowitz at […]

Varicose Veins and Athletes – The Surprising Facts

Varicose Veins and Athletes – The Surprising Facts Did you know that even if you are healthy and exercise regularly, you still can develop varicose veins? You might even think that because you’re in good shape, there’s no way you could have such a problem. But the reality is that even athletes can develop varicose […]

Tips for Reducing Your Risk of Spider Veins as You Age

Spider veins are tiny, dilated vessels that develop just below the skin’s surface. Like varicose veins, spider veins can occur throughout a woman’s adult life but become more common as she ages. Unfortunately, spider veins are not completely preventable, but there are steps that you can take every day to help slow the process and […]

Consejos para reducir el riesgo de arañas vasculares a su edad

Las arañas vasculares son pequeños, dilatados vasos sanguíneos que se desarrollan bajo la superficie de la piel y al igual que las venas várices, las arañas vasculares pueden ocurrir en la mujer en cualquier momento de su edad adulta y tienden a ser más comunes a medida que pasan los años. Desafortunadamente, las arañas vasculares […]

Consejos para promover la salud de las venas

Las venas várices o varicosas son mucho más que una preocupación de tipo estético, son un síntoma de pobre circulación en sus piernas. Las venas varicosas se forman cuando fallan las paredes que previenen que la sangre fluya en sentido contrario, permitiendo que se acumule, creando un bulto y haciéndose visibles a través de la […]

Stretching Tips to Reduce Leg Soreness

Stretching your legs in the morning, before exercising, and at the end of the day is a great way to reduce soreness and discomfort. Consider starting with a calf stretch in which you stand with your feet slightly apart. Bend forward at the waist, placing your hands three feet in front of your toes and […]

Estiramientos para reducir el dolor muscular

Estirar las piernas en la mañana, antes de hacer ejercicio y al final del día, es ideal para reducir la incomodidad y el dolor muscular. Comience estirando las pantorrillas, poniéndose de pie con sus piernas ligeramente separadas una de la otra. Doble la cintura y baje sus manos hacia el piso, aproximadamente a tres pies […]

Tips for Promoting Venous Health

Varicose veins are much more than a cosmetic concern—they’re a symptom of poor circulation in your legs. Varicose veins are formed when the walls that prevent blood from flowing backwards fail, allowing back-flow and pooling. This in turn causes the veins to bulge and become visible through the skin. Varicose veins have a hereditary component, […]

How to Keep Your Legs Looking Great After Minimally Invasive Varicose Vein Treatment

Minimally invasive vein therapy is a great way to eliminate varicose veins without the need for large incisions and significant periods of downtime. However, as with any other vein treatment option, there are certain steps you need to take in order to maintain the results following your procedure: Moisturize Your Skin Healthy skin is hydrated […]

Como mantener sus piernas luciendo bien después de un tratamiento mínimamente invasivo para las venas varicosas

La terapia mínimamente invasiva para las venas es la mejor forma de eliminar las várices sin necesidad de hacer incisiones o estar incapacitado por un largo período. Sin embargo, como cualquier otro tratamiento de las venas, hay ciertos cuidados que debe seguir después del procedimiento: Hidrate la piel Una piel saludable, es una piel hidratada, […]

Learn More About Vein Problems

If you’re coping with varicose veins, you’re not alone. This common condition strikes up to half the adult population in the U.S. The good news is that you don’t have to accept the aching, swelling, and cosmetic concerns caused by varicose veins. Browse the information in these links to learn about risk factors and treatments […]

Infórmese más acerca de las enfermedades de las venas

Si está sufriendo de venas varicosas, no está solo. Es una condición muy común que afecta a más de la mitad de la población en Estados Unidos. La buena noticia, es que no tiene que aceptar el dolor, la inflamación y las preocupaciones estéticas que causan las venas várices. Infórmese en estos vínculos acerca de […]

Signs That It May Be Time To Visit Your Vein Doctor

Vein doctors, also known as Phlebologists, are Board-Certified in the evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment of varicose veins and other vascular disorders. At Central Florida Vein & Vascular Center, our staff physicians work with each patient to provide a long-term, healthy solution using minimally invasive techniques. If you think that you may be suffering from varicose […]

Señales de que ha llegado el momento de visitar su especialista vascular

Los doctores especializados y certificados en la evaluación, diagnóstico y tratamiento de las venas várices y/o varicosas y otros desórdenes vasculares, se conocen como flebologos. En Central Florida Vein & Vascular Center, nuestro personal y médicos trabajan con cada paciente para proporcionarle soluciones saludables y a largo plazo utilizando técnicas con invasión mínima. Si usted […]

Reasons To Have Your Varicose Veins Treated Now, Not Later

Many people assume that the worst part about varicose veins is worrying about how their legs look in shorts. In reality, varicose veins carry serious health risks. If left untreated, you could face a number of issues, from painful ulcers to dangerous blood clots. If you’re suffering from varicose veins, take a look at these […]

Razones para tratar sus venas várices ahora y no dejarlo para después

Muchas personas asumen que la peor parte de tener venas várices es ver como lucen cuando se ponen pantalones cortos; sin embargo, estas venas pueden traer altos riesgos para la salud. Si las venas várices no se tratan, pueden aparecer úlceras dolorosas y/o peligrosos coágulos sanguíneos. Si usted sufre de venas varicosas, lea estas razones […]

When to see a doctor about your varicose veins?

In most cases, varicose veins are solely a cosmetic concern and do not pose any threat to your health. However, painful varicose veins may also be a sign of more serious venous disease. If you experience discomfort, pain, or swelling, visit a doctor to have your condition evaluated. Changes in the Vein A varicose vein […]

Cuándo consultar a un médico sobre sus venas várices

En la mayoría de los casos, las venas várices son solamente un asunto estético y no representan un peligro para la vida. Sin embargo, las venas várices dolorosas, pueden ser una señal de una enfermedad más seria. Si siente dolor, inflamación o incomodidad, visite a su médico para que lo evalúen. Cambios en las venas […]

The Causes and Symptoms of Varicose Veins

Varicose veins are a common cosmetic concern that most frequently affect the legs. In some cases, varicose veins also cause discomfort or pain. If you suffer from varicose veins, there are a variety of non-invasive vein therapy options available to eliminate them and restore your confidence in the appearance of your legs. Causes of Varicose […]

Lifestyle Tips to Prevent Abnormal Leg Veins

Having visible veins in your legs isn’t generally dangerous, but it can be extremely damaging to a person’s self-esteem. Fortunately, there are a number of simple lifestyle changes you can make in order to reduce your chances of developing abnormal leg veins such as varicose veins and spider veins. Here are some tips for keeping […]

Are Venous Disorders of Little Clinical Significance?

Are Venous Disorders of Little Clinical Significance? While it’s true that venous insufficiency is not a life or limb threatening disorder, there is significant impairment in Quality of Life (QOL) amongst patients with even mild to moderate abnormalities. The literature is replete with studies reported to peer reviewed journals that patients with untreated venous insufficiency have considerable lower extremity complaints that frequently affect their […]

¿Cuándo y cómo se tratan las venas?

A veces es confuso saber cuales venas realmente requieren tratamiento y qué tratamientos vena son los mejores. Si ha experimentado cualquiera de las siguientes es importante buscar tratamiento: Venas que causan dolor en la pierna. Hinchazón y recurrentes coágulos sanguíneos superficiales. Sangrado o ulceración. Además, las venas que causan dolor, sensación de pesadez y fatiga […]

When And How Are Veins Treated?

Sometimes it’s confusing to know which veins actually require treatment and which vein treatments are best. If you have experienced any of the following then it’s important to seek treatment: Veins that cause leg pain. Swelling and recurrent superficial blood clots. Bleeding or ulceration. Additionally, veins that cause aching, heaviness and fatigue or are cosmetically […]

¿Cuáles son los beneficios del tratamiento con láser endovenoso?

Aunque las venas varicosas son principalmente un problema cosmético para los enfermos , muchos pacientes también experimentan síntomas dolorosos , como dolor e hinchazón que hacen que las actividades cotidianas de una lucha . En el pasado , los pacientes tenían que escoger entre tratar con venas varicosas o tener un tratamiento invasivo y larga […]

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