Reduce the Risk of DVT

Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) is a blood clot in the leg. It can cause leg pain and swelling, heated skin and discoloration. The real risk is that the clot may travel to the lungs, which IS CALLED  a Pulmonary Embolism. In this medical emergency, oxygen-rich blood may not be able to get into the lungs, […]

Leg Elevation Tips and Guide

Whether you suffer from varicose veins or simply sit or stand for long periods of time, elevating your legs can feel good. It can also improve your health, especially if you have varicose veins. Health Benefits of Elevation There are many benefits of raising your legs for 20 minutes or more: Improved circulation: When you […]

Why You Should Not Leave Varicose Veins Untreated

When your veins are working as they should, they help keep deoxygenated blood flowing back to your heart. Sometimes, these veins can become either weakened or damaged, causing them to transport blood ineffectively. Some common risk factors for developing varicose veins include genetics and sedentary lifestyle.  Regardless of the cause, though, compromised veins become more […]

Why Do I Have Varicose Veins Around My Ankles?

Your veins are designed to transport blood back to your heart to be oxygenated. When something malfunctions during the transportation process and causes the blood to leak backward, you’ll start noticing bluish or purplish varicose veins under your skin. While varicose veins are usually seen in the legs, bulging veins can also show up on […]

Causes of Tight Feeling Skin on My Legs

Tightness in the legs is the feeling that comes from venous congestion, or inability of the vein system to return blood back to the heart for pumping. Tightness is a sign that pressure is accumulating, frequently from blood in the vein system that pools in the leg. Tightness can be felt with or without accompanied […]

Spider Veins in Your 30s

Varicose veins are ropey and large, whereas spider veins are dilated small veins in the skin. When you think about these conditions, you make associate them with older adults. Are you too young for spider veins? Can you get varicose veins at any age? While it’s true that your risk of vascular leg pain increases […]

Guide to Varicose Veins

Looking for something specific? Jump to the content you need right away! General Vein Information How Are Varicose Veins Diagnosed? How Are Varicose Veins Treated? Insurance Coverage What Causes Varicose Veins? Common Misconceptions About Varicose Veins What Are the Risks and Complications of Varicose Veins? Are Varicose Veins Dangerous? How Can Varicose Veins Be Prevented? […]

How Does Stress Impact Vein Health?

Stress can aggravate almost every health condition — including vein health. While we’re generally aware of the impact stress has on our mental health, we don’t always stop and think about how it affects our bodies. Even if you normally have healthy habits, too much stress releases hormones that can lead you to make unhealthy […]

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