Management of Chronic Venous Insufficiency

Chronic venous insufficiency (CVI) is a condition that results from dysfunctional vein valves in the legs. These valves are responsible for sending blood back toward the heart, but they can wear with time. When these vein valves can no longer transport blood upward, fluid pools in the legs. At this point, patients may find ulcers, varicose veins or […]

Varicose Vein Treatment Side Effects & Risks

Advances in modern technologies have led to safer vein therapies over the years. Examples include imaging improvements, new medications that replace more invasive procedures, smaller instrumentations, advanced laser devices and effective chemical substances.  Even with the advent of less invasive procedures, there is still the possibility of risk in varicose vein treatment. Although the risk […]

Are You Too Old for Varicose Vein Treatment?

If you’ve ever asked yourself if you’re too old to have your varicose veins treated, the answer is a resounding no. Because most modern treatments for varicose veins are minimally invasive office-based procedures, individuals of all ages can find a suitable treatment option. Low risk and do not need general anesthesia Are You Too Old […]

What Happens If Varicose Veins Are Left Untreated?

When your veins are working as they should, they help keep deoxygenated blood flowing back to your heart. Sometimes, these veins can become either weakened or damaged, causing them to transport blood ineffectively. Some common risk factors for developing varicose veins include genetics and sedentary lifestyle.  Regardless of the cause, though, compromised veins become more […]

What is the Best Time of Year to Treat Varicose Veins?

For many individuals, planning a surgery depends on work schedules, vacations, holidays, and other important events. Have you ever thought about how the body reacts to surgery during different seasons of the year? Central Florida Vein & Vascular Center shares the following information to help you decide when to schedule your procedure. How Do You Treat […]

Signs That It’s Time to See a Specialist

Are your legs feeling tired, heavy, or itchy? Are you noticing that veins in your leg have grown more visible? It may be time to call a specialist. Vein problems are commonly considered to be a cosmetic concern due to the clear appearance of the veins under the skin. However, your vein health impacts more […]

Post Op Care Tips After Varicose Vein Surgery

Modern vein care is quick and easy thanks to minimally-invasive procedures like Endovenous Laser Treatment or Sclerotherapy. But, just like any other treatment, care doesn’t end immediately after the procedure. If you have sought vein care treatment, here’s how you can take care of yourself post-procedure. Speak With A Specialist What to Expect After Varicose […]

Spotlight on Microphlebectomy

Do you have painful or achy legs? Do they feel heavy? Are they itchy or restless? Can you see dark, bulging veins just underneath your skin? If so, you may have varicose veins, but don’t worry — treatments have come a long way from the painful days of vein stripping! As the best vascular surgeons […]

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