Improving Poor Circulation to Your Feet

Proper circulation is essential to body movement and overall health. It’s vital to know the possible causes of and how to improve poor blood circulation to stay healthy. Knowing how to check circulation in your feet and understanding the signs can help you take preventive action. Causes of Poor Circulation in Your Feet When you […]

Improving Poor Circulation to Your Feet

Do you have poor circulation in your hands and feet? A blockage in the arteries often can contribute to low blood flow to the extremities. You may notice red or blue coloring of your feet, and you may experience trouble healing wounds on your feet or have brittle toenails. While getting treatment for the underlying […]

Top 3 Drinks to Improve Blood Circulation

If you have DVT, varicose veins or other vein concerns, you likely want to improve blood circulation. Luckily, there are many drinks and foods that can help your circulation. How to Improve Blood Circulation Naturally There are several ways to improve blood circulation naturally, including elevating your legs, staying active, maintaining a healthy weight and […]

Leg Health and Circulation

We hear it everywhere: circulation is important, both for your veins and your overall health. But how can we work to improve it? Is improving and maintaining your circulation as daunting as it sounds? You’ll be happy to know that improving your circulation isn’t difficult at all. In fact, there are many small, everyday tweaks […]

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