Are Venous Disorders of Little Clinical Significance?

Are Venous Disorders of Little Clinical Significance?

While it’s true that venous insufficiency is not a life or limb threatening disorder, there is significant impairment in Quality of Life (QOL) amongst patients with even mild to moderate abnormalities. The literature is replete with studies reported to peer reviewed journals that patients with untreated venous insufficiency have considerable lower extremity complaints that frequently affect their ability to perform their occupation adequately and certainly affect their ability to enjoy their activities of daily life.

American culture is one of self-neglect and if medical problems aren’t life or limb threatening, they rarely get addressed. The American work ethic is to tolerate pain and discomfort and frequently patients with venous disease are felt they should accept their symptoms and “suck it up!” Successful treatment of venous disorders leads to a population that is more vibrant, allows people to work more comfortably and efficiently, which promotes a more active lifestyle.

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