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Veinlite Guided Sclerotherapy


 Veinlite guided sclerotherapy is a minimally-invasive form of sclerotherapy in which the Veinlite guides the physician to the source of superficial spiders. The Veinlite transilluminates veins below the skin, even vessels which may not be visible to the human eye, allowing the physician to accurately map out the course of feeder vessels prior to injecting the spider veins. Feeder vessels are typically blue-green in color and are called reticular veins. Some feeder vessels can originate 4-8 inches away from where the spider is presented on the surface. Locating and closing all feeder vessels is a critical part of treating spider veins and ensuring that they do not recur. Similar to ultrasound guided sclerotherapy, Veinlite sclerotherapy allows the physician to more accurately assess the damaged veins and inject the solution into precisely the right place to close the vein. However, Veinlite sclerotherapy is used for surface feeder vessels instead of deeper sources of reflux.

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