Stretching Tips to Reduce Leg Soreness

Stretching your legs in the morning, before exercising, and at the end of the day is a great way to reduce soreness and discomfort. Consider starting with a calf stretch in which you stand with your feet slightly apart. Bend forward at the waist, placing your hands three feet in front of your toes and pressing your heels into the floor.

Another great stretch to perform is the hamstring stretch. Start by sitting on a chair with one of your legs extended forward and your foot on the top of another chair. With your toes pointed upwards, place your opposite foot flat on the floor with your knee flexed. Lean forward and try to touch the opposite chair with your fingers.

Don’t let leg soreness interfere with your active lifestyle. If your soreness or discomfort is the result of varicose veins, it may be time to meet with your vein doctor. Give the Central Florida Vein & Vascular Center a call at (407) 293.5944 for more information or to schedule an appointment today.

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