Healthy Leg Tips

Recent studies show more than 58 percent of the women between 18 and 49 said that the one thing they would like to change about their legs was better stamina and energy. This actually ranked higher than sexier looking legs (26%), and younger looking legs (14%). No wonder! More than 50 percent of women surveyed experience leg fatigue. But healthy legs are hard to maintain with an active lifestyle often involving kids, grand kids, working and so much more. When the system of muscles, veins and valves in your legs and feet are weakened, normal circulation is disrupted. Blood pools in the veins and valves and causes varicose or spider veins to appear. This isn’t just unattractive, but it also leads to legs that hurt and feel tired and heavy. Watching your diet is important. Follow a low-salt diet, reduce alcohol consumption and eat meals high in fiber. Hot baths are not advised. Neither is prolonged sun exposure which can cause spider veins. Steer clear of constricting clothes and shoes. Exercise and help veins pump blood and stay healthy and strong.


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