Diagnostic Vascular Ultrasound

A venous reflux test is a noninvasive examination used to test the function of the valves in leg veins. It is typically ordered for patients who complain about symptoms or signs that may be caused by venous disease. While some patients with varicose veins may only have concerns about the appearance of their legs, some experience significant symptoms.ultra_reflux_b Vein symptoms can include soreness, heaviness, aching, itching, restless legs and/or leg fatigue. Signs of venous disease include leg swelling, discoloration, skin irritation and leg ulcers. As suggested by its name, the primary condition detected during the procedure is venous reflux, also known as venous insufficiency (VI). Venous valves are supposed to be one-way valves, allowing the blood to return from the legs to the heart and lungs. Venous insufficiency is a condition that is characterized by backward flow of blood through valves that are not working properly. These conditions can be treated with many advanced non-invasive treatments we utilize here at Central Florida Vein & Vascular Center. To examine a patient’s legs for venous reflux, We will perform a venous reflux test. The venous reflux test is performed in an outpatient setting and usually takes between 20 and 60 minutes to complete. A venous reflux test is completely noninvasive. It is performed for the sole purpose of obtaining a diagnosis, so it is usually covered by insurance companies. We will be able to determine what treatment options would be more appropriate to consider based on the results of the ultrasound examination.

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